How do we find good poker games?
Use a Poker Map. Take a Poker Room Tour. Or, follow the Las Vegas and Online guides.
How do we navigate the card room comments?
From the comments page, for example, Hollywood Park, tap
  • the subject to bring up a full post.
  • the chip image to return to the comments page.
  • the colored title to go to the poker room site.
  • the address to go to google maps.
  • oOo to go to where the program recommends.
What's New?
Read the News Feeds: Poker News, Part Time Poker and Card Player.
What do you look like?
Take a look.
Will you link to our site?
Yes. Use these guidelines to submit it to our poker directory.
How can I play Scoby the Poker Robot?
To play Scoby the Poker Robot, enter your screen name from his Home Page.
Why should I register?
Registration reserves your screen name and places you on the leader board.
A registered player who busts is restored to 1000 credits upon log on.
(Unregistered players are restored to 100 credits upon reentry.)
Also, registered players are invited to a home game in L.A.
How was the robot named?
Scoby is named after a great great great grand nephew of George Washington.
Who is on the cards?
  • King of Spades -- Tan, Blake and Jonathan, Dueces Never Loses tournament winners.
  • King of Hearts -- Brad
  • King of Diamonds -- Ron
  • King of Clubs -- Mike
  • Jack of Spades -- Darren
  • Jack of Hearts -- Bill, a long time manager of the Players Casino
When was the robot created?
December 6, 2004.
Can I play for real money?
No. The robot is for entertainment purposes only.
How can we advertise?
We can make space available for text and banner advertisements.
Visit our Ad Center to submit an ad.
Can we link to Scoby?
Yes. We have copy and banners prepared for that purpose.
How does the robot work?
Scoby is programmed in php and runs in a browser.
No app or download is necessary.

On each betting round, it assigns a present value to its hand,
and a value to its chances of improvement.
It does the same for the opponent's hand.
These assesments are based on the cards, chip information and betting history.
Chip information is the stack sizes and the pot size.
Betting history is for the current hand only (it doesn't play beyond the hand).

The human player starts each session as the dealer.
After that, the deal alternates.
What do the pokerroom codes mean?
The first digit is a region code:
  1. Los Angeles - Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.
  2. San Diego/Imperial - San Diego and Imperial.
  3. Inland Empire/High Sierra - Riverside, San Bernardino and Inyo.
  4. Central Coast - Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz.
  5. Central Valley - Fresno, Kern, Kings, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Tulare.
  6. Bay Area - Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Sonoma.
  7. Sacramento Region - Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Amador and Yolo.
  8. Northern California - Shasta, Butte, Mendocino, Nevada and Yuba.
  9. Outside of California
the last two are a rating based on the wi-fi, music, food and decor.
How do I contact you?
Sign the guestbook and then use the contact form to email us.